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Malibu City Council Elections

“Filing to Run for Office”

By: Gracee Arthur

Well, it is that time again, when the usually peaceful community of Malibu finds neighbor pitted against neighbor over who should be the new members of the Malibu City Council. This week two more residents filed to run for a position on the City Council, Skylar Peak and Missy Zeitsoff. Skylar Peak is the youngest candidate at age 27 and Missy Zeitsoff is a former council member, who was involved in the original fight for cityhood. The field of candidates now also includes: former council member, Joan House, current council members John Sibert, and Jefferson Wagner, Jack Utter, Hamish Patterson and realtor Andy Lyon.

The criteria for running are simple, one must be a Malibu resident and registered to vote. The candidate must obtain the signatures of at least 20 Malibu voters, but no more than 30 voters. The last date for incumbents to register is January 13th, however non -incumbents may register through 1/18/2012.

The big issue this year is the fate of the Malibu Lagoon. Candidate Andy Lyon suggested the project be brought before the council for a vote. Councilman John Siebert, who is running for reelection has proposed the city to finance a $25,000 study on the project to shed more light on the environmental impact of the project design. Candidate Missy Zeitsoff was concerned about the need to raise the Quimby fee which benefits The Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles. Currently the fee is only aid by developers but Zeistoff is suggested it be imposed on for every new residential project. The contest is just beginning and I will post updates periodically on the issues and candidates in this election.

Malibu voters may request vote by mail ballots from 3/12/2012 – 4/3/2012. The last day to register to vote in the election is March 26, 2012. The election takes place on April 10, 2012.

Breaking News! Malibu City Councilman Jefferson Wagner has decided not to run for reelection!



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